”Underfloor heating system is becoming more and more common in passive and energy-efficient houses as it works at much lower temperatures of the heating medium than other systems. Which underlay will work here? I recommend Energy Pro Comfort!”

Energy Pro Comfort. Trust a specialist in heating.
We recommend Energy Pro Comfort to people who demand an uncompromising product and the highest parameters. This specialised underfloor heating underlay will ensure even 6 times higher thermal conductivity than other popular XPS underlays. This way, we will use much less energy to achieve the same temperature in a room. We can also raise temperature in a room even by 3 degrees Celsius, without increasing energy consumption. What is more, the underlay has an unusual load resistance, perfect acoustic parameters and an integrated vapour barrier.

We truly recommend of using Korner multifunctional to join our floor underlays.

Advantages of the Energy Pro Comfort underlay: