Ultra Grip 100

ULTRA GRIP 1000 is a professional high density flooring underlay made of over 90% natural materials. Excellent floor protection and soundproofing, as well as high resistance to loads, are the most important advantages of this product.

Attention! The way the primer is laid – with the silver layer facing up.


  • Effective sound absorption

  • Water resistance

  • Moisture protection

Type of floor underlay

  • Polyurethane (quartz mat) 2mm


  • LVT dry back tiles (glued)


  • Width: 1m (±1mm)

  • Length: 8m (±15mm)

  • Thickness: 2mm (±0.15mm)

  • Area: 8 m2


Easy to trim with a wallpaper knife. Lay with the self-adhesive layer up (the side protected by a protective foil). Join the strips of the underlay using the tape for floor underlays – e.g. dedicated multifunctional Korner aluminum tape.

Technical sheet Ultra Grip 1000 Download PDF