MDF Modena

Modena collection are MDF skirting boards (Medium-Density Fibreboard) covered by the white decoration matt veneer.
Modena skirting boards are ideal finishing-decoration elements, enrich design of every space. Skirting boards have not only the charm design but also are durable and the mechanical resistant for exploitation.

MDF Modena High Gloss NEW

MDF High Gloss is the collection of Premium class skirting boards, veneered by the high quality of  black and white  foils. The High Gloss veneer gives for the skirting board the unique design,  accentuated by the deep design of color and is proof for the mechanical damage.

Available profiles

Installation system

 – MDF skirting boards are possible to install in a 2-way system: applying the glue, with clamp holder or by using both solutions together.
– Montage on the corners is possible by cutting the skirting in a 45′ angle or using the dedicated accessories called „blocks” which you may also use as an   endings of the skirting.
– The gaps between the uneven wall and the skirting board can be filled with acrylic.


Packaging system

MDF Skirting boards Net weight (kg) Gross weight (kg) Size Quantity
  10 pcs./package (kg) of pallet lm in one pallet
Modena 70 Classic skirting board 1,2 11,45 2,4×0,9×1,4 1020
Modena 80 Classic skirting board 1,4 14,4 2,4×0,9×1,4 830
Modena 90 Elegante skirting board 1,55 16 2,4×0,9×1,4 740
Modena 80 Retro skirting board 1,3 12,9 2,4×0,9×1,4 830
Accesories – Block Net weight Gross weight
of block (kg) 4 pcs./package (kg)
Block 19x19x103 0,02 0,08
Clipholder Net weight Gross weight
with dowel of clipholder (kg) 25 pcs./package (kg)
   0,007 0,189