The Evo skirting board combines innovatory and practical solutions; one of its core advantages is the innovative Clickfit System, ensuring very fast and easy skirting board assembly and dismantling. Multi Collection includes three elegant collections (Natural, Modern and Industrial) that support an ideal selection to any style of the interior and each type of floor. The application of anti-bacterial silver ions (NanoSilver technology) ensures a high hygiene level in use.

Advantages of the skirting board

  • Multi Collection – three stylistically different collections (Natural, Modern and Industrial) provide for an ideal fit to any interior.
  • Click-fit System – provides for immediate skirting board assembly and dismantling during repairs and interior re-arrangement.
  • Unitary decoration surface – a modern slim shape of the skirting board, without visible connections and edges, ensuring top aesthetic values on each floor.

Installation system

  • Exact measurement and trimming the skirting board to the desired dimensions.
  • Skirting board fixing with fast fixing studs or glue.
  • Fixing of internal corners.
  • Fixing of the decorative skirting board part by inserting into the corner.
  • Fixing of external corners to decorative skirting boards.
  • The finished EVO system – excellently matched corners do not fall off even with an accidental impact at cleaning.


  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Connector
  • Right/left


Packaging system