Siena skirting board is the effect of cooperation with installers and many years of experience in the building industry. The strip combines the features most desired by both installers and end users.


  • Total resistance to water and moisture, antibacterial properties
  • Covering of large expansion joints – up to 20 mm
  • Discreet, colour-matched and firmly holding trim accessories
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to the use of the popular bezel system
  • Elastic edges of the skirting board allow for perfect adjustment to the irregularities of walls and floor
  • The construction of the skirting board allows you to hide the cables
  • The material of the skirting board makes it flexible


  • 1. Cutting a skirting board to size
  • 2. Installing the skirting board to the wall
  • 3. Installation of a skirting board on a perpendicular wall with a corner insertion
  • 4. Attachment of end caps and bezels


  • Inside corner
  • Outside korner
  • Connector
  • Right/ leftendcap