XPS Verona

Verona is a collection of finishing profiles made in co-extrusion foamed polystyrene and a layer of solid polymer on the surface. This method of production makes that profiles are characterized by very high abrasion resistance and mechanical damage associated/related with their exploitation. Additional advantages are resistance for moisture, fungus, mold and bacteria. In our offer you will find 13 models of various shapes and sizes. To be able to personalize them even more they can be painted in any color with latex and acrylic paints. Variety of Verona profiles makes them suitable for use as, for example, skirting boards, lamellar strips, stucco elements, etc. Thanks to its long list of advantages the profiles will also work well in public places such as office buildings and sports facilities. Installation of profiles are simple and fast. The profiles at the jointing site should be cut at an appropriate angle and then fasten using universal montage glue. In this case we recommend the dedicated montage glue Korner G-FIX.

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