We are honored to boast of an event that took place in our company today – open days. 🙂

We were visited by quite a large group of students with their attendants from the secondary school name Boleslaw Chrobry in Szprotawa. The purpose of their visit was to familiarize themselves with the functioning of the company, learn about the structures, visit and talk to representatives of the departments. The most important and interesting moment of the visit was the observation of the production process of individual products.

A presentation describing the company, sample books showing our products, a small Showroom in the conference room and a sweet treat were prepared for the students. In addition, each visitor received a small gift from us, which were company gadgets and catalogs. As a thank you, we received the best gift, which is a gold medal.

We would like to thank the students from the Secondary School in Szprotawa for visiting us. We hope that you will remember these moments pleasantly and perhaps in the future you will join our team. 🙂